Trisha Yearwood


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I'm watching her on Chris Isaak's show... what a voice and what a talent! Her phrasing knocks me out! Is there "THE" album to get by her, or should I go for a greatest hits? Wow!


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The best Trisha CD's are "Hearts in Armour" and "Everybody Knows." No question about it and I have them all.


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I have her Songbook: Greatest Hits from several years ago. It's got all the good 90s (hit) stuff.

She signed it and my backstage pass at a concert. I spoke with her very brielfy and was all tongue-tied, though she was totally down to earth/normal. This was a few years before she got together (officially) with Mr. Brooks. I doubt she's changed any.

Trisha Yearwood is still at the top of the list of the female country vocalists I love to listen to. She's the real deal, a truly great singer. In today's country music there are precious few great singers.

If you ever see her live, you'll also likely really enjoy Johnny Garcia, her longtime band leader/way fine lead guitarist. I think JG also plays in Garth's band now too


I first heard Trisha the day I got Pay TV here in Australia, on CMT, which was 1996, I was knocked out! I didnt now country had changed, and I loved her voice. Everybody Knows is fantastic, her best cd IMO. But yeah the greatest Hits is good.


I'm glad to see others appreciate Trisha as much as I do.
For the longest time I loved Linda Ronstadt.....
Then, when the 90's came around and I heard Trisha sing, she moved into the number one spot for me.
I've seen her a couple of times live, and she really belts it out.

Regarding her albums...
I have them all, and yes, her Songbook of greatest hits is very good, as well as her Greatest Hits....(which does NOT include "Inside Out", which is a GREAT song).
I would also like to see her cross over and do a Blues album sometime.

I know some of you may not like her....but I've always thought she was ALL Woman too. Once at a concert, my wife was looking through our small binoculars while she was singing. She whispered over to me "She's Quite Busty"....I said "REALLY??"...(Like I didn't already know:cool:) as I ripped the binoculars from her hands:drool

I doubt we'll see much more of her now that she's married to Garth Brooks. The guy probably has more money than he can count, so why go out on the road.



The best Trisha CD's are "Hearts in Armour" and "Everybody Knows." No question about it and I have them all.

Yep, those two are great. I would add "Thinkin' About You" as well, it's my personal fave.
Great singer, and she's always had top-notch guest talent on her records too....Vince Gill, Lee Roy Parnell, Don Henley.

Dana Olsen

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I agree completely, Trish has ALWAYS had the great pipes and phrasing.

She's almost a throwback these days - a star who can actually sing (GRIN). Trish is the kind of vocalist who walks on stage and lifts the whole sound of the band a couple notches - a real Pro's Pro.

Merry Christmas, Dana O.


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My two faves are The Song Remembers When ('93) and Everybody Knows ('95). The songwriting on both of those is stellar and she really shines in the more intimate settings. Talk about a lady who can deliver a song. I feel like she is the female equivalent of Lyle Lovett when it comes to selling a story (musically speaking).

Rick Towne

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I recall she toured with a lefty bassist playing a 6 string strung right handed. Can't recall his name.

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