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I just got one of these out of the emporium and it didn't come with a manual/instruction sheet. I have emailed Paul, but his answer was short. I'm sure he's busy, and I don't want to keep bugging him.

Mine is a black screenprinted one.

1. Does anyone have an instruction sheet they could post or email me?

2. I had one before (v1) and the pots were smooth, as they appear in the demos I've seen. On this one, the B and M pots are detented. Does anyone else have one with the detented pots?

3. On this one, the Bore pot is what seems to control the horn sounds. Based on the PTD website, I thought it was the Mood that did this and the Bore was a bass control.
I have read the controls were reversed after January 2012. I thought this meant the travel was reversed (like a Timmy), is it that the pots are labeled backwards?

4. What do the N/B/D toggle positions stand for?

I think that's it.
Thanks for your help TGP!


Paul emailed me the manual/instruction sheet, I just pm'd you what he sent me.


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1. Hmm ... weird. The instruction sheet used to be reprinted on the MB page of his site to the lower right (the way it is on the Tornita page). Used to have sample settings and everything. Not sure what happened. Unfortunately, I don't have one anymore. Sounds like Empros has you covered here, though.

2. I've had three in the house (Bone Machine Ge, Mini Bone V.2, and current dual Bone Machine GT) and all had Bore/Mood pots with the detentes.

3. I think horn sounds come from a combination of Mood and Bore settings (I typically need the Bore set fairly high). The Bore definitely affects bass (some kind of interplay between the input and output caps). And yes, it's apparently the travel that was reversed. Previously the more "extreme" settings were CCW vs CW the way they are now.

4. Normal/Bright/Dark. A 3-way presence control. It can be subtle, but I find it works really well.


I guess I should post it here in case anyone else needs it:

PTD mini –bone

paul trombetta design Pleasant Hill, California

Happy NPD and thank you.

The mini should go first in your chain or after true bypass effects only.

Power on standard Boss style center - power supply. (PP2+, DC Brick, etc…)

Power consumption: 2ma

mini-bone V2 controls:


Muchos on tap. Protect your hearing.

Gain: Useable from end to end. Start with the gain at noon. Great horn sounds come from low gain settings.


From overdrive to distortion to fuzz to greasy spit to octaves on the wound strings to trumpet, french horn and trombone splat. (the Mood biases the circuit and

Some static is normal)

NOTE: the Mood is cleanest at 7:00, Range switch Hi

You can “tune it in” between the detents too. Try it from 7 - 9:00

Bore: From Fat to skinny. The Bore controls the fatness of the whole circuit. Start with the Bore at 12:00.

For “Bone” sounds, low octaves and ring mod effects crank the Bore to 5:00.

For overdrive and more focused fuzz, try 9:00.


Range switch: Sets the Mood knob range. (above gain. Hi - left, Lo - right)

The most dramatic change in Mood occurs from 7:00 to 12:00 when range is set “Hi”

Explore these positions one at a time, and adjust the bore to hear it’s affect on the sound.

Slowly turn the mood up and you will hear it get more fuzzy.

Note: Turning the Bore up or down has much affect on the mood.


3 way switch above Vol. Left: norm, mid: bright, right: dark

These are sample settings, let your ears direct you!


Mood Range switch: Hi (Left: mini)

Gain 10:00

Mood 7:00

Bore: 7:00

A Fuzz setting I like:

Mood Range switch: High
Gain 2:00- 5:00
Bore: 10:00
Mood: 10:00

Horn lead lines: Use your neck pup with guit vol. maxed, Gain at noon or so.
Mood Range switch: low (down BM/ right miniV2)
Bore: 5:00
Mood: 12:00

At these settings, your wound strings will do octaves and octave + a 5th down that you can control with your Vol. knob.

The Range switch in low position takes the mood knob into sputtery blown amp territory.

In most cases, the higher the gain, the crazier the effects.
But low gain settings between 8-11:00 can give some strange Ring moddish effects too!

It might even “lock into feedback” Look for my “secret synth” video on Youtube

No matter how the settings are, you can always roll your Vol. back for edgy overdrive, and spanky cleans.

You will notice your circuit and anything that could move is rubberized.It is simple to remove if service is ever necessary.

Protect your hearing!


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Thank you so much Empros! That answered all of my questions.


I think the detents are because the controls are so interactive that otherwise it's sometimes hard to dial in the same sound twice. I love the MB and wish more builders would go out on a limb and create stuff that can go from very usable every day sounds to wild and unique.

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