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What I have here is an original Mini-Bone V1! In my humble opinion it is the best version. Simple controls and amazing tonez. I am only selling, no trades at all. Also this is a feeler, so I may change my mind. I'm trying to gather funds for another of Pauls builds.
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I have a V1 Mini Bone, but have never played the V2. The V2 has more EQ available, but there is one very nice feature that the V1 has to offer. Once you've set the V1 mood knob for a horn sound, or octave down mayhem, that knob setting remains in tact, when you flip the toggle switch to take it out of mood knob mode. So, if you are using the V1 live, you can utilize the mood side of the circuit for horn/octave craziness, then flip the toggle, and use the Mini bone as a standard overdrive/fuzz, with the ability to flip the toggle later on, and have your whacky setting ready and waiting, like a preset. My V1 has extreme horn-like capabilities, and the guitar volume knob clean up is phenomenal

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