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Troubleshooting Maxon AD-999 Delay

My AD-999 delay had a problem at last night's gig. When engaged, the tone is super thin. It does actually delay the sound, and it bypasses just fine.

Any idea what could be causing the thin tone? Anyone had any luck sending one of these back to Maxon for repair (I'm thinking it will cost $$$$).

My pedalboard did sit in my van the previous night (cold) and there was some condensation on the outside of the pedal when I was setting up at the gig. No probs with any of the other pedals tho.

So far I tried spraying a bit of contact cleaner in the switch thinking the switch might be "iffy" but no dice.

Thanks for any help or ideas :cry:
Holy shizzle, it's back to normal. Must have been moisture related and it finally dried out inside. Dang, no more leaving the pedalboard in the van overnight in cold weather. Probably doesn't take much moisture to short circuit it somewhere along the line.

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