Troubleshooting pedals; flickering LED, annoying switch


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So I've got two pedals that are giving me a bit of trouble right now:

Fairfield Accountant comp: Works just fine, but the LED occasionally starts flickering, and may even go out for a minute or so, and comes back on. No effect on the signal, just the light... I've tried using a different output from my power supply, no change. Is the LED just gone bad? Bad solder joint? Honestly I'd kind of like to change the LED anyway as it's ridiculously bright...

Hungry Robot HG+LG drive: The switch one the HG side is giving me issues. When I step on it it sometimes engages just fine, but frequently it completely cuts my signal, which I can usually fix by jiggling and lightly depressing the switch with my fingers. Bad switch? Bad solder joint?

Both pedals were bought second hand and I've owned them for a while. The issues have appeared in the last few months. I have some basic soldering skills but I'm not an electronics guru so I wanted to ask what people think here before doing anything stupid.


Probably footswitch is cause of both. Watch this video and you’ll see the little toggle plates that sometime stick in there. On a three pole switch one is usually connected to led, other 2 to audio.


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