"Truck Driving Man": Live Video, Jam Night, Budget Gear, Lotsa Fun

Echo Are

Got one a' these videos of me pickin' 'n' singin' the Terry Fell country classic, at Neto's Tuesday night jam, down yonder in Santa Clara, CA, backed by the jam night house band of Oliver Harris(guitar), Todd Loomis(drums) and Doug Mancini(bass), all of whom kick serious butt. This is a really fun song to play at jams IMHO, highly recommended.

Gear-wise, I'm playing one of my fave grab-n-go jam night rigs: a circa early-'90s Peavey Bandit 112 amp and my trusty Ibanez RG321MH(kickass guitar for the money.)

Hot country pickers on TGP and elsewhere: please forgive my kitchen-sink versions of country guit-tar soloing. I'm still a-workin' on that style o' pickin'. ;-)

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