Try as I may to find out: Solid State:Tube Ratio?


ALL amplifiers produce more power than their rated low THD, "clean", power when overdriven and output signal is compressed by clipping. Average power of square wave signal, which is one extreme of clipping compression, is twice as much as average power of sinusoidal signal at which output power ratings are specified.

(Which, by the way, in terms of loudness is still a very subtle difference).

But there is not much point in evaluating performance of an amplifier that produces so much harmonic distortion that it no longer works as a decent amplifier.

Overdrive is a niche application in amplifying and how useful it even is in such application is entirely subjective. There's a great fallacy built into statements that imply x-watts are louder than another x-watts because one amp sounds nicer when its cranked to compressively distort the signal while the other amp does not sound nice and therefore is not cranked to compressively distort. You do realize that all this niceness is entirely subjective and application dependant? Evaluated by another person we might get different conclusions and on the end the evaluation is even not about output power versus output power.

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