trying some different effects through Mesa TA30

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    Nov 27, 2012
    8550ft up in the Sangre De Cristo Mnts
    I have an old first generation Boss VF-1 COSM box. Still works really good, I love some of the sounds I have programmed into it before. This thing has sat in a gear bag unused for quite some time. Last use was as emergency gig saver amp using a ElectroHarmonix 44 Cal stompbox amp, main amp goes down, 30 seconds and I am back in the show. So I now I am running it through the effects loop on the TA30, clean channel 1, controls all on noon, adjusted the input gain on the VF-1.
    This is My Deluxe Blackout 3 pickup Tele through Digitech JammanXT pedal loop and a Matchless half stack patch on the COSM.
    pieces of an original called "Criminal Ignorance" dedicated to some former friends who got stupid and fell for some big lies that got a bunch of people hurt. This tune really is a nice sounding live outdoor gig with full band kind of tune.

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