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  1. dolecek

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    Jan 5, 2015
    I decided to go with individual pedals instead of a multi unit for the better quality. I use a blackstar IF. It has delay built in but would getting a mxr carbon copy be higher quality? I also want a looper. Which is better ehx 360 or the ditto? The amp also has chorus wit would a boss chorus pedal sound better? I just want the highest quality. Please give me your opinion and as always thank you guys.
  2. Hayden

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    Feb 28, 2015
    Ditto Looper over the EHX, and a Carbon Copy over the built in delay. But it all depends on budget. If you have money to spend on a pedal, then blow 100$ on a Carbon Copy
  3. sputnikshell

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    Jul 6, 2014
    Brooklyn, NY
    Not only it would sound better, it would give you a better control of your Chorus tone if you had a Chorus pedal instead of playing it straight out of your amp. If you're really a big Chorus kind of Guy and really like Boss pedals, go for the Boss CE-20 Chorus Ensemble Twin pedal. You can find a good used one for almost just as much as you would pay for a brand NEW single Boss Chorus pedal. For just the Dimensional D mode on the CE-20 it is totally worth it not to mention you can bank 4 presets on it. But if you think the CE-20 would be too big to fit on your board you can always look into the the Hardwire CR-7 which is a stellar chorus. It has 7 chorus modes and can pretty much do what the CE-20 can do (No presets though). I own a Hardwire CR-7 and it really exceeded all my expectations and in my opinion its totally worth looking into.

    Other than that I second the Carbon Copy and Ditto!
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