Trying to date a Ventura acoustic guitar..

Anyone familiar with Ventura guitars, not the Bruno imported versions?

This is the tag inside the guitar. It does not have a serial number anywhere; usually it is right above the Model No. on the tag but this one was printed without it. I know it had to be purchased sometime between 1974-1980 as this belonged to my wife's deceased mother and was purchased new, but we were never able to get a solid answer on year of manufacture, and now that I'm playing it, I just was curious. Not a lot of info out there on these... Any help would be appreciated.


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Pix of the instrument itself would help. Including the bridge, front and back of headstock and any other helpful possible tells. However, odds are good its a serviceable instrument made with laminated woods and a rather generic product where the actual year of manufacture may be of interest but doesn't have a great deal of importance.


I would think if the V-10 was purchased between 1974 and 1980 , it was imported by C. Bruno and Son. That model shows up in their catalogs for those years and others.

The V-10 was an entry level instrument. While I would think it has a laminate body I am not sure about the top. What I do know is a local shop as a 1970s Ventura clone of a Martin New Yorker in. Based on sound, I would take it over any number of other instruments costing two or three times more.

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