Trying to decide on a new reverb. (Flux vs. Metore)


So I used to have an old Neunaber Wet Mono pedal that I really liked. But then I saw the NAMM video for the Immerse. So I put my mono up on ebay and ordered an Immerse. I had the 2 pedals together for one day so I compared them. I realized I don't like shimmer and don't need delay built into my reverb pedal. So that left the wet/plate/spring reverbs. I didn't like the immerse wet as much as my old mono wet. I think part of this is the fact that the Immerse uses a new algorythm for the Wet. But also the Mix knob is replaced with an FX volume knob which interacts differently. Bottom line was it didn't sound as good to me so I sent it back. So now I am reverb-less.

I think I have it down to 2 choices based on youtube vids [1) Flux Liquid Ambience 2) Caroline Meteore]

I really like the More footswitch feature on the Flux Liquid Ambience. I also like the lower octave shimmer feature on it. (Neunaber just does upper octave shimmer.) They have an option to have the Volume FX knob work as a mix knob. It is a digital pedal so should be quiet.

The Meteore has a havoc footswitch that acts a little different than the "more" footswitch. It is sort of a similar concept but more uncontrolled and with no upwards pitch change. It also has a cool attack knob that allows dirt added to the reverb. It is an analog pedal and some people have commented that it is noisey even when not playing. The Meteore also only has an fx volume knob with no mix option.

I mostly play clean and want a quiet pedal so I am a little worried about the Meteore. But I also thought it was a really cool concept. And it is $100 cheaper. With both pedals the extra features are cool but not if I don't like the base reverb tone.

So my questions would be:

1) Are there any other reverb pedals that have a similar option of a 2nd footswitch to add more reverb intermittently like the above options?
2) Has anyone tried both the Flux and Meteore and able to comment on which they preferred?
3) For those of you that have the Meteore, is the noise significant? Would you recommend the pedal?

Alternatively I could just buy another Wet mono since I know I like the base tone of that pedal. Or see if any of the DIY projects could add a "havoc" button.


If you like the Wet, why not a stereo V2 with the EXP for your "more" reverb feature you want?

The Meteore is not analog, it uses a Belton Brick. I don't think it's going to get you the reverb you want if you like the Wet.

The Flux Liquid Ambience is as expensive as the Neunaber V2 + EXP and from what I gather, not readily available.


The flux is total awesomeness!
The more switch provides upwards or downwards pitch change depending on how it is set.
Tried the meteore and it didn't grab me.
The flux is not readily available but well worth the effort in my opinion.


Cool. Thanks for the response.
I am leaning towards the flux but don't like the cost. But don't like the base lo fi spring verb of meteore. Think my decision is made. Too bad none are available.


Have you checked out the GFI System Specular Reverb V2? Just got it and it's very versatile and sounds amazing!


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I have had the Neunaber Immerse and the Expanse with Exp pedal for a few months. I had a Red Panda Context Reverb which was pretty dang nice and really easy to dial in, but both Neunaber Immerse and Expanse are pretty easy to dial in and just have a bit more ability to go 'into space' with the ambience (and are very pretty doing it).

I like the Immerse for the fact that you can quickly dial up nice ambient sounds (no need to attach to a computer). Click and go. I really like the Echo+Reverb and the Detune modes. Don't love, but don't hate the shimmer. I think that the Plate and Spring are pretty nice, and like the Wet (but never had the standalone Wet).

The Expanse/Exp is pretty easy as USB/computer setup pedals go. I like the Neunaber software and they have already added Phaser/Flanger just this Summer, in addition to all the Wet algorithms, Chroma Chorus, Echo, combinations of those, and even a Tremolo.

I just ordered and just received a Flux Liquid Ambience and spend some time trying it side by side with the Immerse. My first impression (only about 30 min) was the Immerse 'almost' does what the Flux does, but the Flux can be really lush and ambient without getting washy and muddy. Also, the Flux is very easy to dial in and the full range of the knobs sound great (but different).

With the Immerse, I find I need to turn the dials to about 3'oclock to really hear them do something pretty, and then if I turn them up 'a bit too much' it gets a bit too washy. So I don't get the full range of those knobs...maybe just Noon/3pm to about 5pm? However, it's a great pedal, sounds great, super easy to use, and I do enjoy all the different modes (like what drew me to the Red Panda Context Reverb).


I've got them both, utterly disappointed in the meteore , probably cause i waited for it so long (many problems, pedal stolen etc..)
the pre delay on it is really not what i wanted.

Disappointed too in the liquid flux, again, pre delay was hard to deal with, too long for me. in the end, i'm still using my rv6. and looking for a 2nd reverb.

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