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The Drive and Volume knobs on my 808 have been weird for a while now, but recently I tried using my 808 and it stopped functioning. Power is on and signal goes through to my amp when bypassed, but when the pedal's engaged nothing happens.

I checked the back and this is what I got. It should be an easy enough fix, but I'm not sure which wire goes where; please help a brother out and if you own an 808, giving me a picture of yours opened would be appreciated. Thanks!



Looking inside on the LEVEL pot, the left (CW) lug wire should be light blue, middle (wiper) orange and the right (CCW) purple.

Pots rotating could cause that problem. It's one of the things our KWS option on the TS9 prevents.

After resoldering, make sure all the pots are straight, with the three lugs pointing down towards the battery. Then if any are not nice and tight, pull off the knob and tighten the nut under the knob.

Good luck!

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