tte tape cartridge


Hi, Just a quick question regarding the tape cartridge, in the tte manual it says to have the brown side of the tape facing up as it comes out of the cartridge and not to have the black side facing up as it will work but eventually tangle up.

so how are you running your's and does it tangle up. the reason i ask is i have one where i have installed it correctly as per mikes advice but after a while it just turns it self over and then the black side is then facing up.

I don't think i have actually wore a tape out yet through use but have gone through a couple due to other reasons.

also just ordered a replacement and it now comes with basf lgr50 good tape but do i need to rebias the tte.

delay dude

I have installed it correctly, too. And mine turns it self over with the black side facing up. I think it´s normal. I´ve never had any problems.

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