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The Mesa sold tubes are all checked for output and matched for use as a pair - for real. The NOS tubes will last longer than current new production power tubes. There are Fender and Marshall amps from the mid 60's still running on the orig. factory power tubes. You couldn't go wrong with either of their choice for EL34's, as for the preamp tubes, the ones they sell are checked for lowest microphonic service. That is a very desirable quality in a power amp that is used for High Gain. Mesa has been cranking out High Gain amps for a long time now, they know what those amps need for the most trouble free operation. The other thing Mesa does is match the tubes to the factory bias so you don't have to pay a tech to do that. Only you can make the determination if whatever the premium they charge for a similar matched pair of NOS EL34's or new production EL34's is worth it, don't forget that base Bench Labor cost of having a tech bias for the new tubes if you don't do it yourself. Good Hunting.


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I just bought a used Mesa Boogie TC-100 and I love it. I’m not sure of what the dirty birdie might have been up to before me, so I want to start with a fresh set of tubes. Suggestions?

Are these worth it over the stock ones they sell?

Same here,

And here
Mesa branded tubes are the only tubes that will ever go in my Fillmore 50. They test every tube and only the best get the Mesa stamp on them. Also, though this probably doesn't apply to you, Mesa Boogie will not honor their warranty if anything other then Mesa stamped tubes are used.

Mesa uses fixed bias, so for the output tubes it's the best route to go. I wouldn't worry as much about using different pre-amp tubes.

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