Tube amp / preamp for direct guitar recording


I'm looking around right now for a tube amp/preamp to use for direct recording with impulses. I live in an apartment with paper thin walls, so mic'ing isn't an option for me unfortunately.

I'm looking to spend around $350 or less. Not looking for anything AMAZING just something that's got a good tubey crunch to it.

Right now I'm looking at
-AMT SS-20 - Not bad, a bit too "metal" sounding though
-Bad Cat 2 Tone / Xtreme Tone pedal - Does anyone have any experience recording this direct with an impulse / cab modeler?
-Blackstar HT-5 - Can you record this without a cab using the built in line out?
-Marshall JMP-1 - Sounds good but like the ss-20, a little on the 'metal' side

Does anyone have any suggestions / experience doing this? I'd be running it directly into an Apogee duet using the lineout.


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