Tube amp weird rattle & tube questions


I have a Fender DRRI tube amp and there is a weird rattle coming from it that seems to be getting progressively worse. It seems to happen most of the time but is most prominent when hitting the open A string and also on the Low E string. It is a rattling or crackle-y, static-y kind of sound, kind of like someone is shaking a bag of broken glass as the note is ringing out and progressively goes away as the not decays.

I have owned the amp for 6 years at least, probably play it 5-10 hours a week, and never had it re-tubed before. Does it sound from my description that maybe a tube may be on its way out? If so, any idea which one may cause a sound like this (Power, Preamp, Rectifier) ??

I do not have a spare set to switch out to see if it goes away (bad, I know) but will be getting a new set shortly even if it turns out that it is something different causing the issue.
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