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    The Supporting Memberships are currently being updated moving forward.

    In order to coordinate giveaway drawings to the Supporting Members there will be a new alignment in the naming of the tiers. (Note: Non-Supporting (Basic) and Monthly Supporting Members can get into the drawings by mailing a postcard. Details on that will follow with a giveaway starting soon).

    The pricing for each Supporting Membership level remains the same though the naming of them will change. The privileges remain the same as current but with the new name. If you are a current Supporting Member, you will be upgraded automatically for the existing term of your Supporting Membership. We are introducing a new tier with new perks.

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    Supporting Membership Guide

    • Monthly Supporting Members will remain Supporting Members
    • Current annual Supporting Members will now be Silver Supporting Members. Perks and permissions remain the same
    • Current Silver Supporting Members will now be Gold Supporting Members
    • Current Gold Supporting Members will now be Platinum Supporting Members
    • A new level will be created - Double Platinum Supporting Members

    All memberships will now have the option to remain as non-recurring memberships or choose reccuring memberships moving forward. *Note: current memberships will NOT be changed to recurring memberships.

Tubes glow blue...



I have a Sano 2x12 tube amp with 7591 power tubes in it. They have a blue glow to them. Is this a sign of trouble or is it somewhat normal? I do not see that with my other tube amps.


Blue Strat

What they said. Blue Glow is not an indication of anything bad, but it doesn't guarantee that the tubes are OK either;)

Zero Point

Blue is actually high quality. It's the gas inside the vacuum. Pretty sweet!

A 'bad' tube burns orange/reddish to red. :p that's not good.


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