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Tubes - Matched dual or quad?


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I am cheap, so I bought a matched set of 2 tubes for my DSL 100 and I pulled the 2 other old tubes so I could run the amp with 2 power tubes. But I changed my mind, I want to run it with 4 power tubes. So should I buy 2 more tubes or 4 more tubes - remember I am cheap.

Seems like when you bias the DSL you are biasing two tubes at a time. For the DSL you bias the right side then the left side. So, it seems like, if I buy another matched set of tubes, I should install them together on the right side and then the other matched set on the left side.

Then I suppose I could bias the amp to be the same for both sides.


You are correct. Keep the matched pairs together. No real need to buy matched quads, IMHO.

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Just make sure you know which two tubes are paired within the amp.

In my experience, amps with 4 power tubes usually pair the middle two and outer two rather than left two and right two.

Also, depending where you bought the matched pair, I wonder if they could send you another pair that would be close enough to make a quad... But seems that doesn't matter in your case.

Oh yeah. Do both bias pots work the same? I know, for example, its a popular mod on SFTR's to add a bias adjustment pot to the bias balance pot that eventually became the stock format for the amp.

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