Tubes that test low on a Hickok TV-7 B/U


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I had a question about our Tubes that use and search for and care for as best we can.

What are the effects of running Tubes that test low according to a calibrated machine?

What are the physical characteristics of what to expect by setting these in an amp that was previously biased and set for Tubes that were considered "in set limits" of tolerance?

Would a rebias to run colder help? And again what would be the net comparison.

Also of cause V1 in the pre-amp has a relatively important role and should have a strong tube in it. What about the other 3? (Say 12AX7's)

Also a weak Rectifier- what would this equate to in signal output?

Again, what about with the Power tube section? Say 6550's, EL 84's, 6L/V's?

Thanks to those in the know.

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