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Tubescreamer with the gain on MAX VS...


I am considering getting a second Tubescreamer and setting it with the gain on max for singing sustain leads that cut though the mix (ala Trey Anastasio - I already have one Tubescreamer for medium gain and love it).

Wondering what else I should look into that might work well for this application; i.e. would a Zendrive be better for singing sustaining higher gain leads than a Tubescreamer cranked up?


Platinum Supporting Member
For my singing trey type leads I use a Maxon od808 into a Zendrive, into a barber tone press, into a Mesa mark Iva R1 clean channel. I use the Zendrive into the tone press as he base tone and than kick on the tubescreamer for leads.

I think you would be better off with a Zendrive than a 2nd tubescreamer, since I am not a fan or using a tubescreamer for my base tone and prefer it as a boost into other drives or into the amp gain channel.


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If you want the Trey sound I'd get the second tubescreamer but not max it like he currently does...but mainly because I like his older tones a lot more.

Set one low and one medium high and stack them for the liquid

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