Tune-O-Matic style bridge with a Piezo?


Hey guys, I'm looking into tracking down a bridge for my Cort M800 with a piezo to add some new tonal options. I'm planning on keeping it passive with a TRS output (split into 2 TS) to go into an A/B/Y pedal feeding my modelers.

I'm curious about the options out there, the Fishman Powerbridge, Graphtech Ghost, and the LR Baggs seem like the usual suspects but there are a few other options that I've seen that might be more cost efficient especially considering the inexpensive nature of my guitar. I'm not trying to skimp though, if it means sacrificing tone and/or build quality.

I'd love to hear from anyone who has gone down this route or compared these different bridges. Is there a standout in tone or reliability? It's probably inevitable that I'd also pick up a Fishman Aura to run with it, Does the Fishman Powerbridge work best with it or is a piezo a piezo in that regard?

I'm looking for the least invasive installation possible. I will obviously have to figure out a way to get the lead from the bridge to the output jack and was considering maybe routing it through the bridge pickup route and modifying the ring instead of drilling a hole through the top of the guitar since there is an added block underneath the bridge for stability. Might not be the prettiest option but I don't really care.

In addition, a bridge that is compatible with the current bushings/pins would be absolutely ideal since I have zero experience dealing with that side of things. I'm aware that some tune-o-matic style bridges have pins with different radii and I'm not sure of the measurement of the current bridge. Information about it on the internet is scarce.

Anyway, thanks in advance for any ideas/tips!


I've had luck with LR Baggs, but if you want it passive, I'd actually look into the GraphTech ghost saddles passive kit. If you don't plan on putting a preamp in the guitar itself (keeping it passive), then I would run a fishman aura. Anyway, I've never used Fishman, but their aura pedals do wonders.



I chose the nickel option because I assume your LP isn't gold hardware.

Also to note, with the ghost saddles, if you don't mind routing out a cheaper guitar (incase you screw up. I have a few times) look into the hexpander pack. It allows you to get use some MIDI effects, and it's pretty damn cool. A bit more expensive though.


I've been using the RMC-piezo's for over 10 years (Godin LGX-SA), and am quite content with it.
However, last year I had 'my' tech add the Ghost system to an Ibanez semihollow AM-model; and it kinda smokes the RMC's piezo's.
For some reason, the added 'filter' adds a more realistic acoustic-sounding response; through FOH and monitor's, the audience will think that you're using an amplified acoustic.
Added benefit (according to said tech) is that the Graph Tech-system is less prone to dust and murkiness clogging the piezo's.
My RMC system, every each year has to be cleaned because the 6th (low E) string will have quite the volume drop. Haven't noticed this with the Ghost system.

The Aura system adds a sense of realism to any piezo system, though supposedly it works 'better' with Fishman piezo's.


Thanks for the replies guys!

I do foresee picking up an Aura pedal to run with it. The Fishman website mentions that the Aura is designed to work with their PowerBridges, but I can't imagine theres much of a difference between that and say the Ghost system.

I will definitely look into the Ghost as an option especially since both replies mentioned it :p The next step would be for me to figure out the measurements and fit. My Cort M800's bridge is obviously a cheaper version of the tune-o-matic so I'm not sure the posts/bushings will fit the GraphTech. I'm hoping for the least amount of modification possible, but here's to hoping.

Any other feedback is welcome, thanks!

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