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$gone shipped/paypal'd in CONUS.

Up for sale or trade is this Tungsten Crema Wheat. I purchased it from a fellow TGP member about a year ago and it's served me well in my studio. I have not taken it out of my home and I believe the previous owner said the same. You've heard this amp being raved about all over this forum and it's all true. The best characteristics of a 5E3 without the flubby bass response. Toss in 6V6s or 6L6s, explore tones without having to mess with re-bias. I know from experience after owning high end "true" 5E3s from other well respected builders.

I've only played one guitar with it; an EJ signature strat. It gets plenty mean with this guitar and I can only imagine what it might do with P90s or a Les Paul. Cleans are amazing too. The clip at the bottom of the ad is me with my EJ Strat and Crema Wheat, clean to mean. I goosed it with a RAT pedal for the second lead bit. Not many other clips out there unless you want to drool all over Greg V's demos. Amp will not make you play like him unfortunately.

Amp is currently loaded with NOS RCA 6V6s. Scumback M75 as pictured. Also as pictured, slight discoloration on the tolex from my attenuator sitting on top. I guess I wasn't thinking on that one. It's minor but I'd have to say that is the only cosmetic flaw.

Amp ships from Tampa Bay FL area.

Trade interest:
Friedman amps, the PT20 looks cool. Not looking for anything over 40 watts. Combo preferred, heads considered.
Other Marshall-flavored amps, again under 40 watts.
Telecasters - Fender AVRIs, perhaps the more affordable varieties of Suhrs (T1, etc). K-Lines/similar considered, no relic jobs though. I won't be able to add too much cash in a trade.
Studio Monitors - Adam A7s or similar.

Any questions please PM. Thanks

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