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Tuning down to Eb.....the negative side!


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I've been using the Digitech drop for this.
+1. The Digitech or a Morpheus Droptune are essential tools for a cover band player these days, I would think. I bought a Morpheus because I recently started jamming with an original band that tunes down the Drop C. Wasn't too keen on needing to set up a guitar or two strictly for that tuning, in addition to the possibility of needing to get new nuts cut and whatnot.


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Tune down to learn it. It isn't too big a big deal unless your guitar has a Floyd.......it's a little bit of a pain but it's just part of earning the dough.
I face this a lot ... Just tune and retune. No biggie for me.
It's really that hard to tune down a 1/2 step? I mean, give me a break. :rotflmao
Tuning down a half step is a pain? How ever do you make it through the day?
Yeah, I can do it, and will....no problem for one song. I was just stating the case for the problems of a whole band tuning down all the time. Maybe I wasn't clear in the op......

The Tascam Guitar Trainer I mentioned uses a CD. You can burn all the songs you have to learn on a CD and change pitch and tempo as need be.

I bet, without knowing, these can be found dirt cheap used.
That's a good idea! Thanks!

wind up the phonograph and move the needle ehhh?
Oh, yeah, I did that plenty in my younger years. There was no other option!

Man you're really missing out.

Freeware called audacity

You can set loop points, change tempo w/o pitch, change pitch, select a start stop point where you want, etc
Another good idea! Thanks!


Get this:

I have one -- It is awesome. You never have to take your guitar out of standard tuning. It's the perfect pedal to have to cover any dropped tuning -- from Eb to dropped A

I can go from standard E tunes to AIC, to QOTSA, to The Sword with one turn and a stomp.

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