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turning 4-conductor pickup to 3-conductor with phase reversal

DC Ron

So I'm restoring a 1978 Gibson L6-S with 6-way switch...

The bridge pickup was originally a Lawrence designed "superhumbucker" with three wires colored red, orange and black. The orange went to ground. All the original pickup wires are still soldered in place but were snipped from the long-gone bridge pickup. Anyway, the 6-way switch does not produce any single coil outputs; all are for full humbucker mode, with phase reversal and series vs parallel being the variables between settings. Anyone know how to turn a 4-conductor into a 3-conductor that would work? Guess I could trial and error but thought I'd try here first. Thx!



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In this case, wire it like a 2 wire pickup and optionally connect a ground to the base plate.

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