tweed bassbreaker 15 combo w/Greenback


This looks kind of cool. It's an FSR bassbreaker 15 in lacquered tweed with a Celestion greenback.

I was thinking about picking up a bassbreaker 15 combo as a grab & go/backup amp, then saw this. Not sure if it's released yet, hard to find information on it, but a couple dealers have listings, but it's not clear if this is this a new, yet to be released item or if it has already run its course - anyone know?

Limited run of 200 units for North America. Special features include an 8 ohm Celestion Greenback 12" speaker, lacquered tweed covering, Bassman grill cloth, red amp jewel, black chicken head knobs, brown leather handle and a Limited Edition badge on the back.



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I like the looks of that better than the stock model, I had one for a short period it's a nice amp!
That does look pretty sweet! I didn't really like the look of my BB15 when I first got it but like it now. If I would've had the choice of a tweed, I would've got that in a heartbeat.

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