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.....4X10. Has the stock Jensen's that the LTD came with~after the amp quit, a local guy ripped out the board and did a turret job on it using the existing transformer(s). Sounds great and very quiet to boot. Since the speakers aren't very efficient, when we get a bit loud they seem just a tad mushy. Don't get me wrong, I actually like the Jensens. Very well broken in after several years of hammering. I'd like to replace one of them only with something more efficient with the intention of having, when we have those moments of a little to much volume, a little less mush. Not looking for a speaker recommendation, just what the down-side might be (if any). One higher wattage speaker with the 3 Jensens. Someone's done this already, right? Fill me in.

Lucky Jack

I've got the same amp, experimented switching the speakers with much the same intention.
Tried two celestion greenbacks = too bright, not a good match with the jensens.
Tried two mojotone american vintage = much better, not as spongy, and not as loud either, but I went back to the Jensens. I still have the extra speakers . . .
The only other suggestions are Weber ceramics...


I also have a LTD rewired on a MOJO board to 5F6a spec with stock trannies. I still have stock Jensens. I have one Blue Frame that teh older RI's came with. I gave it a try. Took it out. Broken in Jensens sound great.

Not sure what I'd try but I've read of those who mix two ceramic Webers with two Alnico Webers. Not sure which speakers but I could dig and find it.


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