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Tweed Deluxe 5E3 harp mod...


Hi. Not sure if this is the right forum for harp amps.

I've just taken ownership of a 5E3 clone and the feedback screams like a banshee at 2 with a green bullet plugged in.

I've heard that they make good harp amps with the right mods, which is why I bought it. But with a bit of further research I found that a 5C3 is better for feedback-less harp playing... primarily because of the paraphase phase inverter.

Trouble is, they use 6SC7 tubes, which are pretty rare. My research led me to the 5D3 circuit. I BELIEVE that it also uses a paraphase phase inverter, but with a 12AX7 instead.

Anyway, long story short, what do you think of my "Frankenluxe" schematic?

The yellow parts are common to all 3 circuits, except I've changed the coupling caps to 0.1uF/600V.

The green part is from the 5D3 / 12AY7 preamp circuit and trimmed down to 2 different inputs.

The blue part is from the 5C3 / 6SC7 paraphase circuit. My thinking is to keep this part using a 6SC7, as I only need to find one instead of 2, and from what I've found, this seems to be at the heart of what makes the 5C3 a good harp amp.

Anyway... Whadyathink???

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Don A

Gold Supporting Member
I'm getting a broken link for the schematic. A former bandmate plays harp with a Green Bullet though a stock 5E3 clone that I built for him. He plugs into the instrument channel and cranks the other channel almost all the way up.

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