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Tweed Deluxe and interactive channels


Silver Supporting Member
Knowing that the tweed Deluxe's Normal & Bright channels are interactive, name some favourite settings with the volumes & tone for your Gibson & Fender guitars? Thanks


Funny, I was just messing around with the settings on mine.

With LP plugged into normal channel 1;

Normal Vol: 12oclock
Bright Vol: 4oclock
Tone: 2oclock


I generally plug into the Bright Channel.

I raise Volume Knob 2 (bright Volume) to just over the loudness I want.
Set the tone knob at about 90%
Then raise the un-used channel volume to around 80% +/- to keep it just on the edge of a nice blues breakup.

So on a Richter 5E3, with A Strat,
Guitar in Jack 4
Volume 2 set at 3
Volume 1 set at 8
Tone set at 9

If I want to get more grit, I lower volume 1, If I want vicious overdrive, Dime Volume 2 and stand back!

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