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Twin as a Bass Amp?


Guitar is my primary instrument, but I dabble in bass as well. Whenever I've filled in as a bassist, I usually use the amp that belongs to the band's bass player. I'd like to have my own rig for jamming and smaller gigs, but I don't want to spend a whole lot, or buy too much more stuff to take up space. I was thinking of just buying a good 4 ohm bass cab rated at maybe 200-300 watts or better, and using my '68 Twin Head to power it. I know that it will work, but my question is for how long? Will the amp keep up with power needed to push the bass, or is it going to overheat the tubes and/or tranny and end up in a nifty vintage smoldering campfire?


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I have run my '67 bassman into an Ampeg 4ohm 210 bass cab and it worked great. The twin should work fine and it as more power than the 50Watt bassman so that should help. For a cab, I would probably check out an Avatar 210 or 115 cab, they can be had for pretty cheap.

WOT uses a Bassman 135 if I remember correctly when he plays bass....

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