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Two Amps (!!)


I took two small combo amps to my gig Friday night, three guitar players on stage and one guy plays through a twin, loudly,.. plus keys, etc, a packed stage. I thought I'd get as much coverage as I could and brought a 17 and a 12 watter, both combo amps w/ 12s. Had to stack them, the 17 on top and played the gig, really couldn't tell the difference but I was able to stay in the mix. When I was packing up at 3am I see the bottom amp was on standby all night,..

So, i played the same stage tonight with our regular band and used the two amps, man o man, I get that everyone else on TGP knows this, but what fun. Two different sounding amps, a Goodsell Super 17 (EL84s) and a Goodsell V6 (6V6s) w/ two different types of spkrs, one ceramic WGS G12c/s and one alnico WGS Black and Blue. Hooked them up w/ a Radial Big Shot ABY I bought off the classifieds.

The 17 had all the body and the V6 did the chime, the blend of the 6V6s and the EL84 is everything you want,.. warm but detailed amp overdrive and a big 3D sound. Had shoulders without being thick (single coils). We don't play loud compared to many five piece bands, the 17 is just fine (no boost pedals, just amp) and the two amps really didn't make me louder, just a fuller, a more complex sound. It was inspiring, I want to do it again.

eddie knuckles

Gold Supporting Member
I do like what you are saying here. I usually go with my 40 watt 2x12 6L6 rig, but I had technical difficulties at the end of the first set of a gig a few weeks ago. I got my 6V6 20 watter out and played guitar and amp (no pedals) the rest of the night - nice clean and smoother tones when I drove the amp. I have been thinking the same thing myself lately.... I have a gig Saturday, and may try this out with my EL-84 amp and 6V6


Very cool experience. I've played that way and I find it to be fuller also. Makes me want to crank it up now, but it's way too early. Wife would get mad.


totally agree - once I went stereo I never want to go back :) at first I was running 2 vox-style, but recently have been doing a blackface-style and matchless, and feel like I get the best of both clean and drive worlds :aok


I found the same for me too. I normally just bring my main big amp and just play. A few gigs ago I brought my tweed deluxe clone and my 1964 Princeton,.. decided to try that out for something new. I used a Palmer splitter and sent the signal to both amps. WOW!! The Princeton, with a Celestion Gold in it was louder than the tweed deluxe and had a tighter punch to it. The tweed deluxe had a raunchier overdrive and the two together sounded awesome! I was listening to the recording of that show and I could hear how different they both sounded as I would solo one amp track,.. then the next. Pretty fun. Together,.. they sounds so full on stage!

Glad you liked it. I can't do it for all my shows but I will start bring them more often. Here they are in my practice room.



Yep. Two amps is where it's at.
My favorite combination is Blackface+Voxy.


Two amps can be great for tone and volume. The reason I stopped trying with them was to simplify set-up at gigs. There's just too much fussing to do getting set up, with pedals, amps, guitars, etc. without also wiring in two amps. Also, the real attraction of two amps for me was to get small amp (6v6 duet) drive/compression for leads with bigger amp (6L6 duet) clean lows/chords. Eventually I found an amp - Victoria Regal - that could do both well in one combo package. Generally, for club and party work now I'm finding that 18w in a small (5E3) cab won't do it, but 20-24 watts in a larger cab does the trick.

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