Two Rock amps ex-owners... What made you sell yours?


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I finally figured out the Dumbly tones weren't what I was looking for.

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Can't help here - my 2 Two Rocks are the only amps I have left!

And for the record - I seem to be able to get more than just Dumbly tones from mine. Although - I do love Dumbly tones as well!


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I've owned 5 Two Rock amps:

Emerald Pro
Emerald Pro Prototype
K&M Custom
Custom Reverb
Custom Reverb Sig v. 1

My musical tastes and needs changed, and I went back to mainly using my vintage Blackface Fender amps. I think that Two Rock makes great amps and has great customer service, and I wouldn't hesitate to buy another Two Rock if it fit what I was doing musically at the time.



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I just went through most of them for two reasons. One was to get that elusive Robben Ford tone. FINALLY got it down perfect with the prototype. Then it was just finding which one fit ME the best. Right now its the Custom, and I think I may want another type III for the cleans.


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Jade - sold because it had more of a hard rock tone than I like or ever use

Onyx - I've bought and sold two. This is a great underrated amp. I sold mine both times to finance the purchase of other gear.

Opal - I should have kept it but I bought a high end guitar and needed the $$$.

Krinard modded Bassman - nice but no TR. Sold it to finance other gear.

Custom Reverb Sig v.1 - great amp. Sold to finance purchase of CRSv2.

Custom Reverb Sig v.2 - One of the best amps I've ever played. The reverb is fantastic. I regret selling this amp and I will own one again someday. I sold to finance other gear.

Kimock Sig - I could never bond with this amp. The low gains cleans were nice, but the volume was not there. I liked the OD on my CRSv.2 better.

Classic Reverb - Still have it and recently had the SS rectifier replaced with two tube rectifiers.

Type III - Still have it and will hold onto this one. It's currently my favorite go to amp.

I will be getting either a 50 Watt Custom Clean with tube rectifiers or a 10th Anniversary with tube rectifiers.

Joe Gamble

Topaz. I really dug the amp but ultimately I could no longer participate in the irony of dragging out $4K+ worth of gear for $50-$75 gigs.


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Topaz. I really dug the amp but ultimately I could no longer participate in the irony of dragging out $4K+ worth of gear for $50-$75 gigs.

Don't, won't, and haven't had one. If I did (and I would never spend that kind of money on a new amp) I would have sold it long ago. I know they MUST be good but I'm sure I could be pleased for a lot less money.......Man, I must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed today!


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Topaz, Jade, Emerald 50, Emerald 50 PRO, Onynx, it's not the amp cause they all sound like me..I never could get that touch sensitive tone the everyone else seems to get....


K&M Custom 100w - fabulous cleans, but preferred the's overdrive

Opal - sold, rebought, and then sold the same amp. again, fabulous cleans, but just preferred the's overdrive

E.Pro - kept the longest of all. excellent cleans (though strictly for cleans I preferred some other models), and awesome drive. plug & play to get good tones, but still a wide variety of colors available. eventually sold because I mostly play el84 amps now (UG30 and others) and can get pretty good drive sounds with those and an ethos. later bought an Em.50, which is pretty close, but would have been happy with the as well

Ruby 18w - owned two of these. loved both, but found they just didnt' suit my personal style. would probably try another because I'm like that...

Ruby 34w - had Bill K's prototype with the HRM. Could cover a lot of ground, but again sold due to style mismatch. Still ... a lot of fun

Sig v.1 - really excellent amp. Similar to custom above - great cleans, but preferred drive

Sapphire 100 (3-channel mod). Cleans similar to Way too much gain for me in the third lead channel, preferred

Amethyst Special (4xel84) - really interesting amp. probably should have hung on to this. had it before I really got into el84s. would definitely check oit out again.

LTD - very similar to E.Pro, but a little more rockish. I think it uses wreck trannies. would try it again, but preferred the

Classic Type 1 - very open cleans and pretty flexible, but preferred

Onyx - used it for a long time. played one gig with it and couldn't get it dialed in right at all for my style. had Bill mod it (take off the bright & deep on the cleans, add mid boosts) and that was perfect. not sure why i sold - must have needed cash for something else. would try again

Sig v.2 (100w) - this was an excellent amp. huge cleans, nice drive. I actually found this was pretty close to the needed to raise cash and the could cover a lot of this.

... so now just the Em.50 and it is great. still have the TR itch though :)


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I had a Custom Reverb for 4 years. For most of that time it was my gigging amp. However, there were a few things I didn't love about it. Primarily, the clean tone I really wanted (and needed for the band) I could only get with the mids turned down, and the lead tone I wanted required the mids to be turned up. The other thing (and this has nothing to do with the amp's tone) is that prefer a combo over a head/cab, since I prefer to schlepp less stuff. So I bought a Carr Rambler, which was small and light, and then started buying OD pedals. So that became my gig rig, and finally I decided I'd rather have the cash (for more toys) than have the TR just sitting there.

After a year or so without it, I bought a Two Rock Topaz and coverted it to a combo. The Topaz is HRM, so I was able to dial in the "right" clean tone and the OD tone I really like. I also just had the Topaz modded (by Bill) so that the bright and mid switches are assignable to one channel or the other (but not both). That gives me even more flexibility.

So now the Topaz is the gigging amp and the Rambler is gone.

The Topaz works better for me than the CR --- though I do wish I still had the CR too. I suppose I could have converted the CR to a combo and had those same mods done -- but I didn't think of that back then.


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Amethyst Special (4xel84) - really interesting amp. probably should have hung on to this. had it before I really got into el84s. would definitely check oit out again.

I wonder if that was my old amp? I think Bill made 5 of those. mmmm....... Great amp!



Emerald Pro.

Got it for the fabled RF tone. Pretty convincing at that.
Sold it because I decided that I preferred lower powered amps, and frankly, had way too much money tied up in gear.

Current amps are Fuchs ODS30 HT
Brown Note D'Lite ODE Prototype 22/33
Brown Note D'Lite 22/33 kit build

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I've had a few Two-Rock amps.Bought all but one used.
Started 5 years ago with an Amethyst Special Indoor Storm combo,Emerald 50 and then the K&M Custom.In '06 I got an 18 watt Ruby.
'07 came and got a Custom Reverb Sig V1.'08 came and got an Emerlard Pro and a EL-34 35 watt Ruby.
'09 is here and got another K&M Custom.
The K&M Custom is the only TR I have left.
Why I sold the others is simple.I needed to sell them to pay for other stuff.
If I could afford to keep 'em all I can say without a doubt I would still have 'em all.
Including my sold Glaswerks and Bludotone.


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CRS v.2 + matching 2x12 cab

A present from my awesome wife. Excellent clean tones for sure and the best reverb I had ever owned. And with all the options it included, I could not understand why I was having a difficult time warming up to it. Got lots of advice from others to be patient with it, "what tones you are searching for is in there". The customer service was excellent and the guys at TR gave me a lot of helpful recommendations. Great guys, no doubt! I kept it for a bit longer, exercised even more patience, and finally gave it one more shot to convince myself that it was a keeper. Brought it to my basement studio to let it really open up, having my own shootout with the other amps I own.

The CRS is a great amp. But, I learned a valuable (and expensive) lesson in learning what works for me. It was on the trading block the next day. My wife though... I'll keep her.


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Emerald 50 - od tones too aggressive
Custom - foolishly bought the one with the passive loop, never really bonded with this one, and at the time I missed having reverb.
100 watt Topaz - Custom ordered with a tone control for the reverb. Great amp, awesome cleans and od tones. Had an SLO at the time and was doing more rock/warren haynes type music.

All sounded nice, and I've played many more. Kinda got tired of the constant model changes so I stopped buying them. I have a Glaswerks now that has ended the chase for me - that said if something happened to the Glaswerks I'd probably pick up one of the recent models used.

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