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Two Rock Custom Reverb?


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Is the two rock custom reverb basically based off of a 6L6 fender amp like a twin?
Obviously there will be some changes/improvements etc but in nature is it similar??


>>Is the two rock custom reverb basically based off of a 6L6 fender amp like a twin?<<

Lots of differences, actually.

I almost don't know where to begin with this one. First, a Twin doesn't have an OD channel or cascading gains; it's a design from an era where that stuff simply didn't exist.

A twin has fewer tonal choices, a much more scooped midrange, is 85 watts instead of 50 or 100, no tone stack bypass...basically, both are guitar amps, and that's about all you can say because they're so different, at least to me.

However, a Custom Reverb can be made to sound a lot like a Twin by using its tone controls effectively. But there will STILL be differences.

If you're into microphones, a Twin's basic sound reminds me of an AKG 414 - it's perfect for some things, and it's got a certain unique character that it lends to everything it records. It's a great mic that will give you a certain vibe.

Something like a Neumann U-87 has a completely different character that it lends to everything IT records, a bit rounder, with a silkier, very detailed high end. The CR reminds me more of this one. Also, a great mic with a certain different vibe. One isn't "better" than the other. They're just different.

Either one is a great choice, of course, depending on what you're doing. And neither is a bad choice for most projects.

I find that when I want my CR to sound more Fendery for, say, clean rhythm work, I not only dial in the tone controls, and set the switches a different way., but I have to use a compressor pedal to give the amp a sound that is a bit less reactive to my picking hand.

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