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Hi everyone as you might know I have a two rock exo 15 and love it, its great. What i would love to know from other users is where they have there master volume when they play. my settings are usually, gain on full, treble on 30%, mids on full, bass on 75% master to taste and contour on 30%. I really love my tone and it really is the first time i have enjoyed my guitar tone since i have started playing and that is really around 15 years. What confuses me is basically i play in a band and we play the usual pub and club thing in london and i play through a 2 x 12 cab with eminence tonkerlite neodynium speakers. I cant play with my master above 2.5 its crazy, its amazing how loud it gets, i can completely drown out my drummer, and he uses a huge dw kit. What i dont get is all these people who swear by 50 watts when i cant play a 15 watt amp about 2.5 when i play live gigs. I was wondering if anyone else has this issue with a 15 watt amp. BTW on these settings than amp is still relatively clean, so i still have clean headroom.


I did it vice versa lately. Master cranked and gain to taste. Wonderfull full tone with a lot of sustain. Exo is great!
Now 15 watts is not at all that less volume compared to 50. Exo boosted with a Suhr Kokoboost was easily louder than another custom 50 watts, 6l6 head I used to own. It has a lot of headroom.
I use a 1x12 cab for a bit less volume ... And a Koch Loadbox attenuator, 1 step down...


The clean headroom depends also a lot on the speaker configuration you use, i.e. a 2x12 cab with highly efficient speakers will get a LOT more clean volume than a 1x12 that has a speaker with low sensitivity.

That said I am currently waiting for a 2x12 cab to use it with the EXO, can't wait to try it.

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