Two things I USED to say...


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1. I'd never buy a Fender to play.

2. Custom Shop/Relics (Fender or Gibson) are a waste of money.

I was wrong on both counts. :jo

I've always been a contrarian. Back in 1990, I took a job and got a great car allowance. Got an Audi Coupe Quattro when most would have gone Acura or BMW. Bought a Creative MP3 player instead of an IPOD (big mistake on a number of counts). As for Fender, I always figured if I wanted to invest in a Fender style, I'd again go against the grain and buy a G&L. In fact, I once had a Comanche. Loved it but sold it prematurely.

I also once had a CS Time Machine 1967 Tele in Shoreline Gold. Bought it as an "investment" (bad advice). Didn't do anything for me as a player. Sold it at a small loss.

Then it all chagned. A couple of weeks ago I traded a 65 Amps London for a Ltd Ed CS '52 Tele. Was looking to convert equipment into cash and thought it'd be easier to sell the guitar.

Well the guitar comes. Sounds GREAT. Has a fat "U" neck, which I thought I wouldn't like. Humbucker in the neck has a super sound (who needs a Gibson anyway?). Nocaster pup in the bridge cuts really nicely but doesn't have that really brittle sound that some teles have. Turns out the more I played it, the better it felt. But I put it on the bay anyway and priced it w/ a high BIN with the "Make an Offer" option. Offers came; in fact my "plan" would have worked. But the more I played the guitar the more I liked it. So I turned down the offers. The auction's now over and the guitar is going to stay. Hopefully for a long time.

So I'm now not only a Fender guy but one who's got real assets tied up in a CS guitar that's relic'd. And I'm feeling really good about it.:)


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"I traded a 65 Amps London for a Ltd Ed CS '52 Tele"... hmmm...
Just kidding.


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Good story...and proof that when you find "the one", it doesn't matter what make, model, color, or features it has. If it speaks to you, it's a keeper.

I personally love it when something happens in life to shatter my prior-held beliefs. Gives me a sense of optimism :). Enjoy that guitar!


Some of the new Fender Tele's are REALLY nice, my NoCaster is da bomb diggity, great guitar.

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Actually, this is one of those threads that's not at all worthless without pics because the looks of the individual guitar is not the point: it's the prejudice.

Pay close attention: Fender makes some excellent instruments. The fact that you have to weed through a few to find them means only that it will be those with either luck, or experience and patience, who reap the benefits.

If you are without luck, or patience and experience, by all means, pay a boutique luthier a premium for your instrument; under those conditions, it's worth it to get it right the first time.


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tele with neck bucker, the holy grail. lovin' it.

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