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TwoRock Type III owners. Tone hint.


Platinum Supporting Member
Try an RCA 12ax7 in slot one, and a telefunken smoothplate in slots 2 and 3. See what you think. ;)

For some reason, in my last type 3, I could not tell any difference in a tube swap. With my new one however, there is more than a little difference. :)


Senior Member
+1 more yes............

Smooth plates are the ultimate.............

Nothing better for HIFI applications!


Platinum Supporting Member

A tele in slot one reduces treble, and smooooooooths everything way out. VERY VERY hi fi sounding. A cool tone for sure, but I dig the extra richness of the RCA in V1. Any other cool combinations? I have GEs which did not sound all that great, chinese tubes which sounded good in my Custom, but not so good in the type 3, I have a mullard 12ax7 and a few "brimers" that I have not tried yet. Also a few Bugle boys and a Trumpet girl.

Ok ok! I made up the trumpet girl part. :p

Mac Daddy 355

MilkBone Supporting Member
Gold Supporting Member
maybe a stupid question , I put 12ax7a's in 1st & 2nd is their a difference (tube wise) 12ax7 vs 12ax7a ? anyone ?



Any other cool combinations?I have a mullard 12ax7 and a few "brimers" that I have not tried yet. Also a few Bugle boys and a Trumpet girl.
If you have a tube that feels like it "goes the other way" from whatever you like in V1, try it for the overdrive. Y'know, tele for V1, Mullard for OD, or RCA and Chinese etc. Sometimes you hit a combination that makes the switching happen in a useful way, and sometimes that's an "opposites attract" kind of thing.
It's tube by tube, and situation by situation, but most of my amps usually wind up with different brands for clean and OD.
Still partial to the smooth plate for PI usually, but RCA is nice there too.
If you dig the Fender vibe, the RCA's sound more "right" to me than anything else for that, straight across. Outputs too if you can swing it, small bottle GE's if you can't afford the blackplates.
A little more "Fendery" than my usual gig-rig tele's and Sylvanias' loud and clean set up.

YMMV!!! Yes it will. . .



Platinum Supporting Member
WELL... Tag would be proud of me- I purchased a new CRSig. V2 this past Friday and also just purchased a MINT Type 3 off the bay.. I so far love the CRSig., but had to try/own a Type 3. I get her on Wednesday. I'm a pretty average player so I'll have to post some clips for us mere mortals to hear what the Two-Rocks sound like with a knucklehead behind the wheel..

VERY GOOD.. or ummm VERY SO-SO. :D

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