UA Amp Pedals Suck


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I’m the OP and yes it was made in jest, and I’m pretty much aligned with you. I got tired of the naysayers posting the same stuff again and again.

As I understood it, these UA boxes are supposed to encapsulate the best sound of the target amp but within a pedal form. Everything the critics are saying the pedals don’t have … well, neither do my best sounding amps.

Maybe I’m an anachronism but I can play with just one amp’s tones. Would I like an FX loop and headphone out? Sure. But after I read that critique, I don’t need 50 posts to hammer it in.

I have the Dream 65. I like it. The naysayers can call me an idiot. I like my tone.
Hmmm - So you create a thread for people to bitch about said pedals, but then you come in and complain about those who are complaining?

I'm going to start a thread just for people who like the UA amp pedals.


Hmmm - So you create a thread for people to bitch about said pedals, but then you come in and complain about those who are complaining?

I'm going to start a thread just for people who like the UA amp pedals.
No. The op was clearly mocking those who are complaining. The thread was created to complain about the complainers. Not to complain about the UA pedals.


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Tower, this is Sarcasm Airline flight 101….we have a clear view of the top of their heads as we leave your area….
expecting only light turbulence and helpful tailwinds our flight is expected to land ahead of schedule.


This kind of threads are definitely has wired TGP aura. But this time, it is kind of legit.

Personally totally OK with one model. And overall concept is nice. Basically all, what I need to start new compact silent setup from scratch: Nice amp model + boost, and trem/verb.

But limited interface is really annoying. Especially for direct solution.
So, I have to buy headphone amp. And yes, even power supply (MXR put power supply even with their tiny pedals, because pedals can not be powered by battery).

So, I wish to buy this pedal, but fact, that for just sitting and playing with it at home I need to buy extra stuff, is annoying. And it would costs the same or even more, then HX Stomp.
So, It's really sad, that I have to pass on this product line.


I absolutely refuse to have anything digital on my board apart from my RV-7
….if I wanted digital I would use a plugin…

iPhones and USB sockets on pedals make me anxiouso_O


I don't have use for digital emulation. If I did, it'd be for recording purposes, and than I'd go with plugins and use the pricey hardware/platform I already own, my laptop + interface.

I might consider something like those UA pedals or an Irridium if they update it so that it sounds identical to a tube amp, i.e. with all the overtones and feedback and an actual spongy tube amp-y charachter, and zero latency.


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It did seem a bit overpriced and limited in functionality. I'm not going to hate on anyone who uses one and likes it.
For a price comparison, I got a used Helix LT for $600 because the expression pedal was broken. It's a known issue that Line 6 fixes for free including shipping, so a week later I had a new refurbished one. Some of the tones in that are absolutely killer and rival tube amps and boutique peals I still own. I use the stereo setup in the LT. I think it's a completely different universe than owning one of these UA pedals.

I think if I wanted just one amp sound, I'd be tempted to own just one tube amp since I know people who can fix them easily and understand the used value on those more.


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Are the first few posts in the thread sarcasm / facetious?

I can’t tell


Yep. People hate on UA because they're a high-end brand, very expensive (interfaces/software/studio hardware) and have a kind of lock-in ecosystem much like Apple for their higher-end audio interfaces and software, though that is changing a little bit with a subscription model shift.

The biggest problem with UA in my opinion, and many other audio software houses are the same, is that you can't resell individual plugins alone. I'm very seriously hoping laws are passed that force change on this in the future and I encourage anyone who has a state representative that is technically savvy to contact them about these practices, because it's asinine that you can have thousands of dollars worth of stuff you can't sell without also selling hardware and then moving plugins between "systems" in the UA admin page is basically impossible... maybe support would help, who knows. But this is overall purely just stupid wholly anti-consumer behavior - the've said in the past it's because their UAD-2 plugins required DSP so of course you have to sell a hardware system with plugins, well that's not the case now since there are native versions... which they do charitably give the owner of the DSP plugin for free - but again this justifies their need to force you to buy the hardware locked plugin, so they can get away with forcing a "system" sale instead of pick and choose which is what it absolutely should be. But that is where the UA disdain should be directed, imo, but again they're not alone - you can't even resell Spitfire Audio stuff at ALL which is even worse and those libraries can be thousands of dollars for some higher end collections.

UA also does a piss-poor job of customer loyalty and you gain basically nothing by owning everything, because if you're someone who buys most of their plugins if you need to add another Apollo for example to your system you are forced to pay for "heritage versions" of their interfaces now which conveniently raised prices by like 20%+ that come with plugins you already own and get no credit for if you also own for example UAD ultimate 9 or whatever. It's extremely stupid. The $25 coupons they throw out every 4 months don't help matters, and they usually have a minimum purchase of like $99 so you can't use it on a $75 plugin etc. They know what they're doing to extract the absolute most money out of people. Another great example of this stupidity is that I gain NOTHING by subscribing to UA Spark except for the one single EXCLUSIVE instrument that I can't even purchase outside of Spark if I wanted to. Eventually I'll be able to, but they want to hook you. Just like they used to make you wade through all of the plugins you didn't own yet (to encourage demos! and also make you feel FOMO because maybe that 5th EQ will really change your game!) in the list of those to put in slots in console. LUNA has fixed this thank God, but the person that decided this was a good idea at the time, and the person who coded it should both be ashamed of themselves for being despicably user-hostile.

But their software sounds really, really good, and LUNA is pretty exceptional so I put up with this nonsense, and it's not like Drew is the problem here it's the bean counters and management at UA, and I see this slowly, slowly shifting, but it better not go so far that we can't own the software anymore or there will be blood in the streets on places like gearspace and they will lose a lot of the prosumer market. I think they know better and see what has happened to AVID in the consumer / semi-prosumer realm where everyone now is basically buying focusrites and using Ableton / Logic / Bitwig / Reaper / Cubase etc.

Hating a $400 pedal because of the price on this forum where half of the people probably have thousands of dollars worth of effects and/or amps... hilarious. People are dead right that you usually, with a multi-fx unit, find a couple models that you like and stick to them. These pedals fulfill that role very well and sound amazing, and are stereo!

I agree if you can swing the price and think they'd be useful in your workflow they're worth trying - Dream in particular has blown me away consistently for the last week+ now and I've played more guitar through it than I have through anything else in months because it's just really easy to work with in my setup.

Nobody's perfect, companies have problems, but the things people complain about are hilarious when there are actual like, severely bad practices at some of these companies that deserve real scrutiny - not design decisions that were intentionally made or some marketing spiel that anyone with 2 brain cells can read through and understand.

No, I didn't think I could buy a Dream instead of a Fender Blackface and get the exact same experience, because I'm not a damn idiot. But the Blackface also can't output stereo to my other outboard effects, doesn't blow my walls apart when I crank it, and there's near-zero menu diving compared to an Axe-Fx and basically no need to tweak anything - you're off to the races very quickly especially now that they've added great presets. Acting like UA is supposed to spoon feed people the difference between a modeler pedal and a tube amp is hilarious. No kid will be interested in or able to afford a $400 amp sim pedal, and anyone who is an adult should be intelligent enough to understand what they're buying and do the smallest modicum of research beforehand if they're concerned. If you're angry there's no actual spring behind your spring reverb knob fed by input and output tubes I feel bad for you as a fellow human because that's some serious hangup that can't make living life in the world we do easy. Also just FYI - Tore was not lying when he said they did something to make the spring in Dream perform differently because of where it's at in the 'circuit' - it does actually do Ducking now and the Golden does not. It's the same algorithm but it gets out of the way when you play and has the nice reverb trails during the empty spaces.

But anyway, return policies exist for a reason - try things. Life is better and more enjoyable when you get off forums and actually spend more of your time playing your music, and I've been having a great time doing that with these products.
I totally agree, try first then judge, if not happy, return it, simple as that.


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People bitch about UA not tailoring pedals they don't have to buy to their needs.

I bitch about having to come across their whiny bitching. Just move along and buy something else. Quit whining about it.
A great way to avoid people’s whiny bitching about UA amp pedals is to refrain from reading threads with titles like ‘UA amp pedals suck’.


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The only thing wrong with these pedals is the price- should be $200 not $400 I have the Ruby a gift from my kids - feel bad they spent so much.

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