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Ugh Recording........

I'm on a Mac....

I was using Audacity for a few weeks with good results. It no longer works. I've tried all available downloads and reinstalling. I either get a clicking cursor at the beginning of the track, that will not move when I try to record. In other versions I get about 2 seconds of recording time.....but the recording that I get makes my acoustic guitar sound like it's going through a wacky digitalized ring modulator.

So on to Sound Studio, just downloaded the new version, but there is a faint "hwhit.....hwhit.......hwhitt" sound that is barely audible, but there nonetheless, rendering it unusable.

I troubleshot enough to know that the Soundstudio problem is inherent to version 3. (Doesn't happen in the old 1.5.)

So now what?

I don't want to record through Garageband if I don't have to, I like the look of Audacity and Soundstudio type interfaces, nice and easy.

I own an old academic version of Logic, but again, I don't want to deal with the complexity of it, if I don't have to.

I loved the way Audacity was working, when it worked. It seemed perfect for me.....


I would try reaper because it is free to evaluate. But that sounds more like hardware and driver issues.


2011 TGP Silver Medalist
Gold Supporting Member
garageband rocks imo...I get very clear recordings with it


Silver Supporting Member
You can record into GB cleanly?...so you don't have a hardware/interface problem?
System and application reload time? computers...bah!

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