Ugh Recording........

I'm on a Mac....

I was using Audacity for a few weeks with good results. It no longer works. I've tried all available downloads and reinstalling. I either get a clicking cursor at the beginning of the track, that will not move when I try to record. In other versions I get about 2 seconds of recording time.....but the recording that I get makes my acoustic guitar sound like it's going through a wacky digitalized ring modulator.

So on to Sound Studio, just downloaded the new version, but there is a faint "hwhit.....hwhit.......hwhitt" sound that is barely audible, but there nonetheless, rendering it unusable.

I troubleshot enough to know that the Soundstudio problem is inherent to version 3. (Doesn't happen in the old 1.5.)

So now what?

I don't want to record through Garageband if I don't have to, I like the look of Audacity and Soundstudio type interfaces, nice and easy.

I own an old academic version of Logic, but again, I don't want to deal with the complexity of it, if I don't have to.

I loved the way Audacity was working, when it worked. It seemed perfect for me.....


I would try reaper because it is free to evaluate. But that sounds more like hardware and driver issues.


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You can record into GB cleanly? you don't have a hardware/interface problem?
System and application reload time? computers...bah!

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