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FS UK made JCM2000 DSL100!


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Up for grabs is a phenomenal condition JCM2000 DSL made in the UK! This one was made before Marshall shipped off production to China, and also doesn’t have any of the “bias drift” isssues from the super early ones. This one was made in 04, after the bias drift issue. Comes with Marshall footswitch. This Was Marshall’s answer to the boosted JCM800 craze, and it excels at it phenomenally well. The green channel is eerily close to the 800 tone and lead 1 and 2 gets the boosted high gain metal mayhem that everyone wanted Marshall to make. These are getting more expensive and for good reason, people are realizing just how great these amps are.
$850 shipped and PayPal’d to your door. Thank you!


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