Ultimate Cab???? Or Ultimate Joke?


I don't know if there were in fact only 6 made, but I know they are REALLY RARE... I have only seen one in person. It was at a music store in Memphis in '94 or '95 it was pretty beat up. I think the price tag is... "cough"... extreme. The one I saw was about $1100 at the time and they sat on it for quite a while, a year or more... I'm sure it's worth more than $1100, but I doubt it's worth $40k!

As I recall from what I have read, Pete Townsend wanted the 8x12 cab made, but quickly abandoned the idea because they were too heavy and too hard to move.


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Well, it is all orig...wait...

it's in good condit...wait...

all the speakers wor....wait

it has documen...nevermind.

Yeah...I'm going to go with joke. The description on his/her page mentions the cab barely fits in his/her Civic Si...

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