unbelievable creation from Joe Driskill


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Wow! That IS a stunner!

Front and back are terrific......that's just incredible looking.


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I'll take two, maybe 3, actually I'd love to have any driskill!!!!!


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LOL I wonder .. who put this out on the board ...
Been having a light discussion about these guitars ...
Personally I love it, I like it when Luthiers go all out for their trade and passion, try different things etc. (although I must wonder, doesn't PRS already have all the technology available to make a Wolf .. since they did a Dragon?)
Joe is definitely a fanatic who loves to push the enevelope come up with some new things.

However someone else counter pointed ... Driskill wait list now went from 6-8 Mo to ... 2-3 Years? Basic point a LOT of time was spent on these 3 guitars which wasn't spent on a lot of people waiting for their Driskill ...

Since I am not waiting on a Driskill ... haha I don't mind he spent all this time on these guitars, but for those of you who are waiting on one ... what do you people think?


Fair question, and my guitar was delayed because of this project, as well as a guitar he made for a quadriplegic, and other reasons as well.

how do I feel about it? That is part of the deal when you deal with a small man, or one man shop. Joe has his reasons for doing things that will alter the time frame for the peoplw who have guitar on order. These reasons can range from taking on a challenge, trying to do the impossible, not being able to say no, or simply making what they feel is the best business decision. if you you want to minimize any of that, you would need to order a guitar from someone else, like a PRS private stock. Even with that, I know of people who were told 6 months, and waited a year. Stuff happens.

The wait was tough, no lying about that. For me, anything short of a year would have made paying for it an issue. Spreading out payments helped. After it was paid for, I would have been happy not to wait anymore, but oh well.

After having the guitar for 5 months now, the wait was 300% worth it, and I would certainly order another one knowing it could be up to 2 years until I get it, and that may be the only way I could pay for another one anyway.


so what do you think... will a driskill wait time go down now that these are are almost done??

i have tossed aroung the idea of a "blues" model but i have to admit the 2 to 2 1/2 year wait times i've been hearing about has made me consider other alternatives ( not a knock on joe at all..his guitars are incredible and he is a one man operation.. i 'd just go too nutz with anticipation waiting that long...

although what i'm considering is a pretty simple blues model.. no fancy swamp ash figure or staining ( special opaque finish) and regular dot inlays...??


This is utterly cool!

Any info on the bridge unit?I don't think I've seen something similar...



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I believe that is Joe's custom Tail piece he came up with. Looks like he adjusted it to accept Piezo saddles.
Certain people who are totally tone crazed luthiers will create their own tail pieces ... like Driskill.. Zachary ..


That is a masterpiece!

As far as the wait for a Driskill, (I am still waiting for mine a long time already) I would think that Joe's fame can only go up and up, especially after making a guitar like the Wolf. This can only increase the orders and keep increasing the wait.
But once you get one, look at what you'll have.
Good things are worth waiting for!



Ack. That is a monstrosity. I can't tell if the dog's front paws are broken? They seem to jut off in strange directions. And the cutesie paw-prints on the flowery fretboard? Is this an angry wolf or a friendly pet wolf? Can't say I care for the concept or the execution.


I hate to criticize anybody who spent that much time doing custom inlay work....but to be honest, that "wolf" looks kinda goofy to me. The legs just don't look right and the whole thing seems weird and out of proportion.

Kudos to Joe Driskill and to all the stellar work that's he's done on his guitars, but I can't agree that's the best inlay work ever done on a guitar body.


Joe's guitars are visually stunning and crafted flawlessly. And he seems like the coolest dude, based on his online persona. I can totally appreciate the amount of work that must have gone into this one. The Diablo guitars just aren't my thing though.


It reminds me of the guitar drilled holes through so I could put Xmas lights in from the back. :D


Considering the time I waited for my Wolf to be completed I don't think it hindered anything that was going on. I won't go into details but it was much longer than 2 or 3 years. Much much longer.
The reason there is such a long wait time now is because Joe is backordered. I don't know the exact numbers but my understanding is that he is backordered more than 200 guitars. Any way you look at it 200+ guitars is gonna take a while to do. These aren't cookie cutter guitars. There are a million other guitars to buy if that's what you want. If you want a Driskill the sooner you get in line the better off you will be. These are not assembly-line production guitars.

In response to this:
Ack. That is a monstrosity. I can't tell if the dog's front paws are broken? They seem to jut off in strange directions. And the cutesie paw-prints on the flowery fretboard? Is this an angry wolf or a friendly pet wolf? Can't say I care for the concept or the execution.
And this:
I hate to criticize anybody who spent that much time doing custom inlay work....but to be honest, that "wolf" looks kinda goofy to me. The legs just don't look right and the whole thing seems weird and out of proportion.

My design wasn't meant to please either of you at all. It was meant to please me, Joe, and a friend of mine. I have kept a Wolf for the last 30 years. Not the same one of course. My last one died last year as this guitar was being completed. Anyway, my point is unless you have spent time with one you have no idea what they are about. If you knew anything about Wolves you would know that particular expression is more about let's get to know each other but treat me with respect. As far as proportion goes the Wolf is right on. He is flows with the guitar's body and all his body parts are right with each other. He also has hair. You have no idea how hard it is to make pearl look like hair. From the grain of the pearl having to flow just right to the hundreds of points Joe talked about. The points being the border and edges that actually look like hair. The remark about " cutesie paw-prints on the flowery fretboard" is not worth responding to. These guitars in person are 10 times more exciting than picture could ever communicate.
I think you will find at the end of the day there will be far more people that love these guitars and their design than those that don't. I know this guitar was built for me and I am the only person it has to satisfy. And it does that in spades.
To Joe Driskill, Thank you. You have built something that will last forever and means more to me than a million Dragons.
Oh an by the way they play and sound better than they look.


Sorry, I didn't mean to offend you or anyone else with my review of the wolf guitar. As long as you're the owner of the guitar & 100% happy, that's all that matters.

But I think the overall "gushing" over this guitar being a masterpiece and the greatest thing anybody has ever seen in terms of inlay work is somewhat over-reaching IMO. I don't think I'm out of line by expressing my opinion of how that inlay looks.

I personally don't think it looks as classy or life-like and real as it should. The trick to making people and animals look "right" is making them look life-like and real.

Have you ever seen an amateur drawing a dog, cat, or anything else? I'm sorry, but that Wolf comes off looking that way to me from the pictures I see.

Maybe some animals and objects are not done justice to with pearl and such like you said. You wanted a wolf and you got one. I'm glad your're happy and I'll keep my mouth shut, now.


I had the rare opportunity to put my hands on one of these.
There are only three lucky people out there and they each have a good reason to be prode. The two to support an inspire the builder and the builder to have the imagination and motivation
to see the project through. I do not think that I have the patentants to wait 4 to 6 years to see a project this delicate
come together. Beautiful work Joe and my hats off to the investors!!:dude


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RJ, I'm having trouble figuring out what you *do* like. Just
Les Pauls and Strats (and those builders who copy them) maybe
throw PRSs in there too, just to play it safe)?

You kinda jumped on the Gadows a couple weeks ago too. I
haven't been around here all that long, and I'm not looking to
push this thread into a "he likes, she likes" thread, but really. I
know .... everyone's entitled to her/his own opinion.

Me, I like the Wolf axe. I think it looks great and I really
appreciate all of the hard work that went into it. I know the
owner(s) are gonna be psyched to own them. I liked the PRS
dragon inlay axe too. Would I buy either of them even if I could
afford them? No. Too much bling for my tastes to play them,
and I would only buy them to play them, but I really enjoy
looking at them, and I'm glad the owners are happy with them.
If someone gave me one, I'm sure I wouldn't turn it down
though! :D

Personally, I get tired of looking at all of the boutique guitars
that just look like strats or teles or LPs. I'm sure they play and
sound great (and I *really* like strats), but, it's been done.
Sure, how they sound is ultimately what matters, but it's
nice to see some folks trying out some new things. I don't
always like them, but I really respect the effort put forth, and
don't feel like raining on the parade of those who are
enamoured with them.


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