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    Hi folks!

    Allow me to introduce you to Under the Sun. We are a London based indie rock band. Another one, you might say. So what's different about us? Well. We try hard to make unpretentious music that talks about out gripes and awkward situations. All of us have been in our fair share of bands and come from quite different musical backgrounds, with Britrock and Indie being the common denominators. We play piano driven songs with a lot of guitar in it, 5 part vocals and generally try to have as much fun as we can on stage.

    We have finished recording out debut EP and are currently promoting our recently released single "Place". The EP itself will be released on February 28th at the Barfly, a famous venue for unsigned bands in Camden, North London.

    For the gearheads amongst us (so pretty much everyone) there was a good amount of TGP-approved gear used in the recording of the EP. My pedalboard features a KTR, a KoT and a Flint and I play a Badcat amplifier. My other guitarist plays PRS guitars and the drummer owns a lot of vintage cymbals from the 60s and sought after snares.

    You can help us massively by voting for our track on the UK's Richer Unsigned chart. The most voted band at the end of each month wins exposure in music related media and free studio time. All you have to do is check out our track here: http://richerunsigned.com/underthesunuk/ and cast your vote by "liking", sharing or reviewing the track (it requires a brief painless registration, I'm afraid).

    Also check out our website at http://www.bandunderthesun.co.uk and follow us on social media on Facebook and Twitter.



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