Unhappy with current sound

Hey guys,

I'm playing a Carvin DC727 through a Framus Cobra with an Engl 2x12 (V30) cab.
The amp is really great for low rock/metal riffage (I love that Diezel-sound of Ch3) and the cleans are good, too, but I'm lacking two things:
a) A crunch which is really breathing and defined
b) A good lead sound without that sterile harshness which the Cobra has.
I also don't like the overall compression (if I want compression, I'm buying a compressor)

I'm aiming for a Greg Howe/Guthrie Govan/Allan Holdsworth fusion sound.

The price is not that important, since I can sell the Cobra and wait until I have enough money.
Oh, and I'm willing to buy used and to get a rack or A/B setup if neccecary.

Thanks =)


Something I have been noticing a lot lately....sometimes it is the guitar.

Seriously, amps I had written off because the last few years I have been playing an American Strat, and it sounded harsh, sound positively mellow with a humbucker guitar.

I think it is a good thing to get a few wildly different types of amps, but the problem is which you use as a "main amp", but also a main guitar.

You get so used to a guitar, it never crossed my mind, even though I have several, to use any other than my main guitar...

But I grew up with an ES-335, and have a great Tele, and a Epi Les Paul, etc. and I find that switching guitars makes a huge difference too.

I might be way off the mark here, but just a thought.


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As far as a lead sound is concerned, I think that the Bogner XTC is unbelievable. The Classic version would give you less compression.


Has it been biased lately? My buddy and I recently purchased 2 different "high end" amps. We biased both amps and were very surprised at how far off they were straight from the builders.They both sound WAY better. Also, within the biasing parameters there is some leeway to get "your" sound.Good Luck!


for that sound... a bogner. I have heard great rock/metal results from Hughes and Kettner as well. FWIW
Thanks for your help :)
I've read that the XTC is somewhat muddy, is that true? But besides that, I love what I heared from the soundclips. I'm going to try it next week.
Biasing might help with that buzzing sound, but the compression will be still there and the amp's low-midgain-crunch will still be lifeless.
I've already played the TriAmp twice and it was just 'meh', unfortunatly.

Bogner... three channels, so far so good. How about Cornford/Elmwood/CAE or Egnater? Or maybe Fuchs?


check out the guthrie govan clips of him using the mk series on youtube. Absolutely killer, but he is guthrie govan....

Elmwoods are great, with the vein you are looking at, perhaps the 60...but check out brian k w/ the 90 on youtube...again killer...

For what you are looking to do, it will probably be a step up getting away from the Cobra. It is a great amp, but for heavier stuff.

Holy shi-
The Modena seems to be exactly what I'm looking for: Nice cleans, tool-like (10.000 days) distortion and a musical lead sound without some kind of persistent frequency in the background which is not dynamic. It should even do the technical death-stuff. I just hope that it's an amp where the low gain sounds aren't that comressed. If they are dynamic, an external EQ should to the trick.

The cornfords have that nice crunch... Damn, I cannot afford both, since I'm just attending college.

I'm looking forward to play that amps...

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