Unpopular Fender opinions

Inspired by the thread earlier this week: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/unpopular-gibson-opinions.2432904/

Don't go crazy but none of those "actually, many/most people agree" ones. Yes, we know how you dislike the Antigua burst. No, "MIA prices are way too high" is not unpopular either.

This is not a bashing thread, more of a minor gripes one.

Mine are: Telecaster neck pickup should default to something like a P90. Strat pickguards are pretty ugly shape-wise but we have grown to tolerate them. Block inlay + binding necks are meh.



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If you keep playing a Fender, you'll end up looking like this



The best guitar Fender ever made was the Jazzmaster.

Fender should have stopped changing anything about their products and designs the minute Leo sold the company. They should still be selling the 1965 catalog of products, maybe with reissues of '50s models. The only change at Fender after that point that I agree with is the 5-way switch on Strats, everything else since 1965 has been a step backward.


I prefer a 7.25" radius on strats if setup properly

I don't get all the love for Jazzmasters

Relics are... fine in theory but I find the heavy relics (or even medium relics) will become dated as to me they seem a bit ridiculous and over the top (do you guys sweat battery acid?); I find Fender to be overdoing it in this area compared to Gibson
Worn in - yes! Beat up - no!
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I haven't seen any that I agree with yet other than this one
Fender Custom Shops aren't any better than their production guitars. You're just getting preferred specs that are probably already available.
I love fender strat pickgaurds, I have no problem with rosewood or Pau Ferro boards, but also like the maple, and the bridge pickup of a Tele is a thing of beauty. The volume control on a Strat is perfectly placed, and Strats, Teles and Jazzmasters all have their own unique flavor. Of course, these are only my opinions, and others have every right to be wrong.

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