Unpopular opinion: Pablo Honey is great


First i must say i love all of Radioheads work atleast up to In Rainbows. I've gravitated to the Bends when i got into Radiohead, and still love it, but also love the Kid a and Hail to the Theif. Yea OK computer is also amazing, but overplayed imo.

Now Pablo Honey going back listening to this album its friggin amazing the early guitar work on this album from Greenwood. Its so chatic and raw and i guess grungy but in a Greenwood way.

If Pablo honey was the only album they ever released it would be loved but Radiohead progressed and the fans moved with it and away from this really trashy guitar driven style of pablo honey.

Take a deep listen to the guitar work on "You" such an amazing opener and actualy a quite heavy track heavy riffs and york screaming his lungs out and greenwoods classic tremolo ascending tremolo burns. It has it all. Probably my favorite song on the album.

Anyone can play guitar, great great track, great details like the muted chugga chugga's etc

But for us guitarists it has alot of less noticeable goods also like the destruction on the later half of Prove yourself. Frantic and mastery of guitar play in my book. Total beautiful trash.

This is just examples of what this album has to offer but theres alot of great little guitar details on this album that is not existant on the later more experimental synthy albums.



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I like some tracks off of it but IMO it's not their best by any stretch. It's the sound of a young band finding themselves. I really like the opener "You" and the final 4 tracks, "Prove Yourself", "I Can't", "Lurgee" and "Blowout". But tracks like "Anyone Can Play Guitar" sound half baked. I feel like the follow up "The Bends" was a lot stronger of an effort. And of course, "OK Computer" is a masterpiece.


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First, Pablo Honey is great and I think most music fans would agree. At the same time, I also believe that it isn't Radiohead's best album, depending on the day, I will pick Ok Computer, Kid A, or The Bends as my favorite. Pablo Honey just pales a bit compared to the band's other output. That doesn't make it not great, it just means the bar for it is impossibly high!
Not unpopular IMO as I think it's their best as well. Nothing sounded like it at the time and came completely out of left field considering how defining OK Computer was previously. One would not have expected such a shift.
Maybe you’re right…but it seems that was a divisive point for the band. Over time I felt I liked the more experimental stuff better. To me Kid A has such a warm and enveloping sound, whereas the earlier albums are a bit harsh sonically. Good tunes on them though.


Interesting timing - just last night I decided to listen to some Radiohead and give them a shot.

They've been a "fringe band" for me for years, a band that I should have liked earlier, knew about, tried to listen to.. but just didn't like what I heard.

I used to cover Creep at jam sessions and there would always be this dude from another band that would try to like, sing this one specific song louder than me. The only time I ever really spoke to the dude was just him trying to tell me how Thom Yorke sings the song.
I told him I couldn't care less and I'm pretty sure he just wrote me off as a person in general.

He used to wear Radiohead shirts etc and was clearly some kind of super fan.

I've genuinely tried to listen to Radiohead over the years since they're along the lines of other bands I like, and are/were an influence on some of them too. Never clicked earlier.

Last night, I thought screw it and threw on Pablo Honey - decided to just start from the start, force myself not to turn it off etc.
Actually enjoyed the whole album pretty much right from the outset - it's just a grunge/pop-rock album, but there was something about it that I felt was better than a lot of other similarly styled albums.

Multiple moments that caught my attention, and multiple songs I legit thought were fantastic.

I then listened to The Bends, and it was the same thing - loved the album, lots of standout moment, every song was great.

I think Pablo Honey, with it's rougher vibes, would be better suited to some moods, but The Bends was just as good in my opinion. It was way calmer, though - so that might not be for everyone.

Pleasantly surprised by both albums and I'm glad they've both clicked for me.


I’d stop short of great, there’s a couple iffy songs on there, but it’s way better than it gets credit for from the die hard Radiohead fans. It was a product of its time and shows the influence of its era.

For reference I go back and forth on the Bends (definitely their best “rock” album) or Ok Computer being their best, and think they went downhill after Kid A.

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