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Pickup switch location is just horrible on most of the models


I've tried them, and they don't do anything for me. The heel, neck carve, controls, etc., all feel "off" for me.

Had fellow player from high school fall in love with PRS when they became popular, and he tried convincing me they do a "better" Les Paul than Gibson. I still have my LP's.


Like others have mentioned, I find PRS guitars really uncomfortable in terms of ergonomics, switch layout, etc.
They make a very high quality guitar and lots of players sound excellent playing them, I just don’t get along with the design.
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I own 2 PRS and that is my only complaint. I'm used to Strat pup selector and PRS placement is a head scratcher.
Pickup switch location is just horrible on most of the models
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I'm with you all, and the 5-way rotary switch was one of the worst designs ever by Paul. Nearly useless in a live situation and so dumb. I changed mine to a toggle switch. What was Paul thinking on that one? The heel on my PRS is OK. Not the worst, that's my Tele, but not the best, that's my EBMM. I used to love my birds, now I find them OK at best and would rather have a plain fretboard. I'm not a gloss neck guy but don't mind my PRS glossy neck. I have the original winged tuners. I am used to them and find them OK but would never go with them again. The carved top to mine can give me forearm fits when playing for longer shows. It did not surprise me when Paul started making guitars with different top carves. I'm sure I was not the only one to complain. It looks good and cool but is not the best carve design.


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My experience (others will have completely different feelings) with 4 PRS guitars over the past 15 years has led me to believe that they don't put as much thought and care into things as they claim.
- My original Mira was comically neck heavy and had what my luthier friend called "one of the worst cut nuts" he had ever seen.
- Apparently it is a known fact that the holes for the strings in the SE trems are too small for the ball ends and strings get stuck when trying to take them out. John Mann "had" to make a block with the proper diameter holes. You can buy that as an aftermarket part only as far as I know. That is one reason I sold my 22.
- My other 2 PRS were high end but also came to me used. I cannot blame PRS for any problems, but I no longer those guitars either.

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