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Up and Down with The Rolling Stones


Interested to hear opinions on this book, written by a guy called Tony Sanchez, supposedly Keef's gofer during the late 60s and 70s.

I last read it a teenager many years ago and found it a hoot. Just saw it in the kindle store for a few bucks and thought what the heck and started to give it another read. Be interesting to see how it holds up after all these years. Seems pretty trashy after the first couple of chapters but readable.

I understand that the level of fact in the book is questionable and he may not have been as close to the band as he makes out. But I think I'm gonna just go with it and believe it all anyway.


I have the book and read it a couple times back in the day...

Ya... Just go with it and enjoy the "ride" through history!


Puppet For Prophet
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I've read it, on the heels of other books about RS, just about in sequence. Say what you want, whether every nook and cranny of the book 'happened'. But there is enough corroborative evidence that as a whole, as a vibe, as a personality evaluation (of Keef especially), his narrative was within inches of the bullseye. Which is why, the only people that really said it 'wasn't true' were the ones it was written about. Heroes fall hard and twice as fast, unless, they have a multi-million dollar PR budget.

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