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UPDATED Brazilian - 7 Guitar Shootout - Santa Cruz and Preston Thompson


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Hi Y'all - every now and again, the guitar stack gets too big and we sell some. When we are about to do that, we like to do some comparison videos to serve our memory later. This is one of those videos. It was unlisted for a while, but I am happy to share. It is long....sorry (18 minutes). We recorded six BRW Santa Cruz dreads and one Preston Thompson. Schoeps mics XY 19 inches from the neck joint - DRY. we sold three and bought another one :) (will do a video with it eventually too.) None of these re still available anywhere for sale - just sharing the tones.

We kept: 1994 Tony Rice Pro, 1998 Custom D (had it since 2000), the 2009 Custom D42 bear-claw, the 2009 Custom Tony Rice, and have bought another Preston Thompson...

BTW - there is a short version too (6 minutes). Different mics and the battery was almost dead so we rushed....


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This kind of video is always interesting to me. We all have personal preferences but, realistically, all of those guitars would sound great in a mix or on their own. For me, the feel of a guitar and the way the notes come out in person is more important than how the guitar sounds recorded. There's a lot of trickery you can do to get different sounds out of a guitar on tape but it will still feel the way it feels when it's in your hands. Cool video!

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