upgrades for Ibanez Artcore AS83?

Discussion in 'Guitars in General' started by hithere, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. hithere

    hithere Member

    Dec 26, 2008
    hey guys don't post in this forum too much but had a couple questions for you guys to maybe chime in on your opinion!

    I am a lefty. I have been through a lot of gear in my short life. I am currently funding my own record/merch/you name it. I am blessed to have some great gear at 21, but have flipped a lot of stuff that I hadn't really wanted to. The thing is I am a lefty!


    This is the only humbucker guitar I have left. I own both a American Tele/Strat

    I had put in gibson humbuckers like 2 years ago. But for one reason or another the guitar is horribly in need of a setup, the pickups have become very screwed up in sound and output, the jack is pretty ragged as well as the toggle switch.

    I was curious to for any artcore owners how they felt about what needed didn't need to be upgraded. Tuners/Bridge/Etc?

    I still have the original pickups and the most cost efficient way would probably be to just use thing as it was.

    I am more into keeping things stock as long as it doesn't go out of tune horribly or have horrid sounding pickups. If it was up to me I'd sell it and a buy a used les paul studio or something or other, perhaps even a fender with humbuckers,

    but that is not an option for being left handed and funding all my other musical stuff right now!

    Any artcore users who got great results with BIG upgrades? Small upgrades? Any opinions would be awesome. I am leaning toward getting a good setup popping the original pickups back in, and any small stuff such as new tuners/bridge if it doesn't stay in tune well etc?
  2. koni

    koni Member

    Aug 27, 2009
    changed pickups, bridge, tuners, and nut......huge difference and well worth it.
  3. slugworth

    slugworth Supporting Member

    Sep 1, 2011
    In my AS103 I've changed the pickups, tuners, bridge, and electronics.

    I believe that Gotoh tuners are going to be a direct replacement for the tuners on your guitar. Even the base level Gotoh tuners should be a big improvement over your stock tuners. I would compare those to Grover Rotomatics as far as operation and stability. But if you can spend a little more or buy used, get some Gotoh Delta 510 tuners. I have them, and they are top shelf. Totally smooth and totally accurate. Also I *think* that Grover "mid size" tuners would also be a direct replacement, but I might be wrong on that. Gotohs will work for sure. But I would avoid Gotoh's locking tuners like the plague. The locking mechanism they use is dumb IMO -- to lock the string it requires a wrong-way turn to the locking screw, introducing slack where there shouldn't be.

    I also went top shelf with the bridge -- Graphtech Resomax NVS. No complaints at all.

    The first set of pickups I tried was a set of Gibsons (57 classic and Burstbucker). They sounded excellent but only had single conductor leads, and I really wanted something I could use to split the coils. So I tried a set of Dimarzios (36th PAF bridge and Air Classic neck) and I love them! Extremely versatile, extremely delicious sounding, and cheaper than the Gibsons.
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  4. wrathfuldeity

    wrathfuldeity Member

    Jun 17, 2010
    state of delusion
    as73...pu's, pots, switch, jack, nut, bridge and tailpiece. It was then nice and sounded great...but got rid of it because...the frets were wearing really fast. So I would get a fret job
  5. stilesg57

    stilesg57 Member

    Feb 5, 2012
    Denver area
    Mine's stock at the moment but won't be for long. I'll let you know when my new pickups arrive as I'm going to try to install all this stuff at once.

    I'm swapping in Zhangbucker pickups and a full set of electronics including a Jimmy Page wiring harness (4 push/pulls for coil splits, in/out of phase, series/parallel, etc.) from Jonesy. Also going to add a lightweight aluminum stopbar.

    I'm personally up in the air about the nut, the bridge and the tuners. They all seem to be OK to me, think I'll wait and see how I like the electronics and pickups upgrades before throwing more money at a $350 guitar. I just want the thing to sound as good as it feels and plays!
  6. vortexxxx

    vortexxxx Member

    Apr 9, 2009
    Toronto, Canada
    Some people don't like the pickups in these.

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