Upgrading to a better recording setup for the bedroom composer!!


I walked into this incredible audiophile cum recording shop yest and it really got me interested in some recording equipment.

I currently do my recording on my PC using:
Line 6 Toneport as a mic pre
Shure SM58 to mic my amp
Cool Edit Pro for tracks
Fruity Loops for creating drumloops,bassloops etc

So there are a few issues I wanted to address to get my recording setup to the next level:
A better Mic Preamp(the owner recommended Audio Kontrol esp cos of USB 2.0 compatibility
double/triple mic setup(add a condensor mic to my setup and maybe a pencil mic for the addition pick sounds or something)
Better softwares( for recording,creating drum loops,creating orchestral sounds,creating bass loops and etc etc...looking at steinberg stuff in the shop like groove agent and what not...also looking at cubase and the likes)

So recording gurus...help me out...

I changed from an 18W amp to a 5W amp for more 'tubey' sound at room volumes
I bought a macbook(but I have not figured out how to record on this)
Fruity loops is pretty difficult to create loops...I would like some softwares that are easier to use (more intuitive rather)

thanks and happy new year


Your MacBook has GarageBand, which has all the loops you'll need for awhile, and you can record guitar with your TonePort. If you want to mic an amp, I like what I have heard about the Presonus firewire interfaces. But I haven't kept up over the last couple of years, so there might be better interfaces out now.


hmm Garageband does have quite a few loops but I was hoping to create some of my own beats as well...


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Garageband is a great way to get started although my experience is that the sound quality lacks when compared to the more professional applications such as Digital Performer, Logic, and the rest. The loops are pretty good though, and the additional loops you can get through them are quite good. We just did a bunch of demos using Garageband loops that we exported to iTunes and then dragged into Digital Performer. You can't really beat the realism of some good loops. For programming your own beats, Reason is a great program, plus it has all the keyboard and sampling sounds you'd probably ever want as well. For starting out, your current setup might be fine, although as another poster noted, Presonus pres are nice budget ones. There are many decent mid-level pres, so look around (go to gearslutz.com and poke around for a great intro to this stuff). At some point though, if you're going to try to emulate pro results, one very pro preamp-- a but under 1K new, less used--is a big help. But you can do a lot of damage with less expensive gear, and there's a lot of it around these days.

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