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    I'll try and keep a stupid story short.

    I bought a used amp from Guitar Center. Found it online and I trust GC with my credit card. UPS dropped it off and it has clear shipping damage. One of the cabinet edges is busted/cracked/pulled open, fresh plywood showing. Tilt the amp and hear broken bits rattle inside. One tube is shattered. Let the phone calls begin.

    O.K. first off UPS says to close the box up and let them take it back. I explain that this is a used out of production item and not exchangable. two mare calls and I get a UPS rep at my house to photo the item and the box. He tells me to call Guitar Center in a day or two and see how its going. This turns into a ridiculous game of phone-pong, everytime I call one they tell me I should call the other. UPS is sandbagging it, GC has the insurance on the item but need to hear from UPS to procede.
    Many calls later and UPS has denied the insurance claim, saying the item was not properly packed. This is true, I learned the duty rating stamped on the box is not up to UPS standard for that weight. Somthing the rep could have known on day one. Also the tubes should have been removed. Mixed feelings on this, maybe not packed correctly but this box was kicked around pretty hard.
    Now GC has the ball. Unlike UPS the store manager took action quickly enough. Found a suitable repair shop about an hour away from me where I can take the amp on GC's account. I consider this a good enough solution, maybe I could have argued for my own local shop but by this time...........

    Well the punch line to this dumb story is I fixed the amp myself. Really not much wrong with it, tha rattle noise was all just broken glass from the tube and the cracked joint clamped back together. Told the GC manager and asked them to send me one 12AX7. The amps got 4 long sessions and a bunch of short ones on it now, theres nothing wrong with it.

    Morel of story if I have learned anything. Do call the GC store when you find a used item online,{wonderful selection at GC} the salesman gave me a better deal. And have them ship it to your local GC store, if its busted I think you will be on better footing.

    Oh, and the amp is a Mesa Maverick 2X12.
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    The seller is ultimately responsible. An easier way would have been to inform GC of the problem,
    call UPS and tell them of the claim and have them pick it up. Then notify your CC company and
    have them do a reversal. What happens after that is between UPS and GC, and it is no longer
    your problem.

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